Product Assembly and Warehousing

Once your product has been manufactured, we are able to assemble your item, and also complete the production cycle through to final packaging, ready for distribution to anywhere in the world. We have the capability to add additional components which we either produce or source from worldwide partners, assemble and package your product to complete… Read more »

Sepro Partnership

BSA Mouldings have been doing business with Sepro for many years. At the end of 2013, Sepro Robotique celebrated its most successful year ever, selling 1650 robots and sprue pickers to customers around the world, which is a 26% increase on 2012. Over the last five years Sepro have invested heavily in the development of… Read more »

PLASgran with BSA

BSA Mouldings has been working with PLASgran for 15yrs. PLASgran Limited is a leading plastic recycling company specialising in offering a customised waste recovery service to the industry, specifically tailored to meet your own requirements. Their aim is to make BSA Mouldings process simple, helping us save time and reduce inconvenience. The waste recovery service… Read more »

Sandretto – Romi Machines

BSA Mouldings have used Romi/Sandretto machines for nearly 25yrs. The main reason we use Romi/Sandretto injection moulding machines is because they are good workhorses which enable us to cover a wide portfolio of injection moulded parts for the plastics industry. We have a wide range of machines from 22 tonnes to 1300 tonnes we can… Read more »

Plastic People

People and plastic are the main components needed to promote your products.  The team at BSA know the importance of having the right relationship with our customers and suppliers, it is vital to achieve a successful partnership.  It is always our objective to improve the products we produce through effective communication with both our customers… Read more »

Plastic Injection Moulding Services

UK Plastic Injection Moulding   The injection moulding process has several advantages and benefits over other plastic moulding processes. It allows products to be produced in complex and intricate detail that would otherwise be too costly or difficult to make. With the injection moulding process, many parts can be created and produced at the same… Read more »

Product Design and Tooling

Design Our technical team can draw upon many years’ experience from the multiple disciplines that are required to develop a successful moulded product. We analyse the component design of all new projects and apply our experience of ‘design for manufacture‘ to maximise mould ability, minimise second operations, reduce assembly time and simplify tooling – adding… Read more »