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As an established plastic moulding company, BSA Mouldings offers comprehensive injection moulding solutions from product design and manufacture, to assembly, storage and distribution. With decades of industry experiance, we’ve positioned ourselves as a prominent player in the Plastic Injection Moulding Services industry.

We deliver moulded plastics, components and products of the highest quality, tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our facility houses the best State-of-the-Art Moulding Equipment and technology, enabling us to create a vast array of products efficiently and precisely. We prioritise the use of top-quality raw materials to ensure our products are durable, reliable, and cost-effective.

Beyond moulding, our value-added services include product design assistance, prototyping, and product testing to ensure all specifications and requirements are met.  Speak to us today to see how we can help with your requirements.

We are the UK’s plastic leaders in high-volume, close-tolerance injection moulding of both large and small custom plastic parts and products. We guarantee a high production output rate, low labour costs and a consistently precise tolerance.

At BSA, we conduct in-depth analysis of component designs for new projects. Using our ‘design for manufacture‘ expertise, we maximise mouldability, reduce secondary operations, simplify tooling, and cut assembly time.

Our tooling process is both an art and a science, integral to the success of your moulded product. Detailed tooling specifications ensure the right tool is delivered on time, yielding superior long-term results.

With our range of prototyping and product development tools, we offer a comprehensive service to assist clients from initial concept to final production.

After manufacturing your product, we offer assembly services and complete the production cycle through to final packaging, ready for global distribution.

To simplify the distribution process for you, we handle everything from storage to delivery, whether it’s single items, small consignments or bulk shipments. You can rely on BSA Mouldings from the moment you place your order.

Precision Injection Moulding Manufacturer

We work alongside you, assembling a team of experts to evaluate, plan and troubleshoot before any significant investment in design and tooling is made. With over 60 years of experience in all aspects of moulding, we handle every project in two distinct phases:
Product Design and Assembly

Our collaboration with product design companies allows us to take your project from a simple sketch to CAD models and prototype models. We continuously refine the product to resolve any issues that could compromise or complicate the production process.

Tooling and Long-Term Results

Our extensive knowledge and experience in tooling ensure a significant investment yields the right long-term results.

Leading Innovations in Plastic Manufacturing

BSA is at the forefront of in-mould decoration, continually evolving this technical skill. We can create your product directly off the moulding machine, eliminating the need for post-moulding label application or printing.

Point-of-Purchase Display Manufacturing

BSA works with a broad spectrum of materials – from standard polypropylenes to long glass fibre nylon, from polystyrenes to ABS, acetal and polycarbonate. We collaborate with our clients to find the best material solution, balancing cost and performance.

Material Expertise

With over six decades’ experience in designing and manufacturing retail display solutions, we can assist with everything from design to decoration, assembly, packaging, warehousing and distribution.

State-of-the-Art Moulding Equipment

We continually invest in the latest CNC controlled design machines, complete with robot automation, ensuring we can cater to your moulding needs, no matter the size or weight of your product.

Mold flow analysis (MFA) software..

Mold flow analysis (MFA) software simulates plastic flow, allowing you to enhance mould design and create the highest quality products possible. This analysis provides a virtual sneak peek into how the chosen material will fill a mold’s cavities and highlights potential areas of concern. Digitally simulating this process before cutting the tool allows changes to be made early on, ultimately saving money and optimizing results.

MFA should be conducted before tooling production launches. Software can be used to evaluate the mold design to make sure it will produce the most consistent and highest quality parts from each cavity of the tool. A virtual model of the mold is created and, using the known data and characteristics of the chosen material, the software is able to predict how the material will flow into and throughout the mold and its cavities. Different data points can be assessed, including pressure, fill time and melt temperature. Doing so allows for optimization of the process before tool production ever begins.

MFA is an available resource doesn’t mean it should be utilized for every project. The following factors will help determine whether MFA should be used for a specific application

BSA Mouldings - A Partner You Can Trust

We pride ourselves on our straight-forward, honest approach and genuine care for your product. Quality-focused and committed to collaboration, our goal is to help you create a product that meets your exact specifications and expectations. Visit us to see the high standard of our factory for yourself!