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Occasionally we have openings for new Careers within our Kings Lynn based factory,  we regularly keep this page updated with the latest vacancies so please check on a regular basis.

Appendix 1 


Factory Operator

Overall Responsibilities

Operators are responsible to the Shift Setter/Supervisor. The principle function of the job is to maintain production from their assigned machine/s, ensuring that the Quality Standard is met.

The Operator is responsible for ensuring his working area is clean, safe & tidy.

The Operator is expected to go through a training programme, achieving a minimum Grade 3 after 12 months of employment. Training to higher grades is available where suitable.

Job Description

Regular Tasks

1    Pack off product from assigned machine/s according to the Product

 Specification, performing secondary operations, e.g. trimming, as directed.

2    Maintain levels of raw material in bin, and master batch in hopper.

3    Continuously check the quality of moulded parts against the First-Off standard at the machine.

4    Complete the Job Card record accurately at the end of each shift, recording the starting and finishing machine counter numbers, the production packed and a correct record of any rejects produced, with reasons.

5    Keep the machine, and the surrounding area, clean, tidy and safe. Sweep up any spilt material pellets immediately, do not leave any objects on the machine bed.

6    Perform other miscellaneous factory duties as directed.   

7    Undergo training as directed.

Procedural Guide

Machine Operating

Packing off Production


Time: Daily


  • Follow instructions regarding packing off mouldings from machine – ensuring that you have fully understood the instructions
  • Packing spec – ensure that you have the correct packaging material at the machine, following the directions on the Product Spec for quantities
  • Secondary Operations – ensure that you follow any instructions regarding trimming, flaming, assembly etc. to mouldings prior to packing
  • Ensure that your finished pallets are removed from you area and put into the grey gangway.

Maintain Levels of Raw Materials


Time: Daily



  • You must ensure that your raw material bins are kept topped up with the correct raw materials (identified from the PC code on the Job Card and the label on the material pallet)
  • You must ensure that your master batch hopper is kept topped up at all times – ensuring that you have the correct colour code (identified from the Job Card & the code number marked on the master batch bag)


Time: Daily


  • At the start of your shift – you must check the quality of the production being packed by the Operator you are taking over from
  • Throughout your shift, you must regularly check the quality of production against the First-Off sample at your machine
  • At the end of each pallet/box you must sign your label to confirm that all your packed production of mouldings meets the standard of the approved First-Off at the machine.
  • If mouldings fall below the standard of the First-Off, you must inform the Setter immediately. All reject mouldings must be counted, and recorded, so at the end of your shift the Supervisor can record them on the Job Card, quoting the appropriate reject code

Job Card Record

Time: Daily


  • Sign the Job Card for the quality of product packed by the previous Operator at shift handover
  • Write in the date for your shift
  • You must record the Material Batch Number – to be found on the label at the base of the material pallet
  • Record the colour being moulded
  • Record the total hours run on your shift – accurately taking account of any down-time throughout the shift
  • If a setter stops production at your machine during the shift, or a colour change is done – ensure this down-time is recorded on the front of the card
  • Record the machine counter number at the beginning and end of your shift
  • Record the number of reject mouldings – with the appropriate code
  • Write in the total number of mouldings you have packed – and the balance to make
  • Sign at the end of the row on the Job Card to confirm that you have packed all mouldings of satisfactory quality


Machine Area Tidiness


Time: Continuous



  • Any raw materials spilt on the floor must be swept up immediately
  • You must ensure that you trim directly into a bin – not onto the floor
  • All items of clothing must be kept in your locker – not in your machine area
  • Do not leave anything on the bed of your machine


Health & Safety


Time: Continuous



  • You have been given a manual covering Health & Safety – YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR FOLLOWING ALL DIRECTIONS IN THIS MANUAL, for your own safety, and those around you

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