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DESIGN AND TOOLING SERVICES for injection moulding

Plastic Product design and Tool creation service, ready for Manufacture

Our technical team can draw upon many years’ experience from the multiple disciplines that are required to develop a successful moulded product. We analyse the component design of all new projects and apply our experience of ‘design for manufacture‘ to maximise mould ability, minimise second operations, reduce assembly time and simplify tooling – adding value at every stage, resulting in the ideal combination of material, mould, manpower, and machine for efficient and cost-effective production.


Once the design has been finalised, there is nothing better than to bring the component to life, and see it for real. We have close links with a number of partners who can provide support for the production of prototype parts using SLS, SLA, 3D Printing or casting from Silicon moulds, or aluminium tools for preproduction runs. By letting the design department, manufacturing/production engineering and marketing departments see the model at an early stage allows costly errors to be eliminated. Any mistakes can be rectified before expensive tooling has been made for full production whilst the models at this stage are relatively inexpensive.


Tooling is as much an art as it is a science, and is at the heart of any successful moulded product. We work closely with a number of selected toolmakers worldwide, using our comprehensively detailed tooling specifications. This combination ensures you have the right tool, at the right time, with the right long term results.

Why work with us ?

We take pride in having worked in many partnerships on difficult projects, introducing innovative solutions ensuring a successful and timely product launch. We cannot stress enough the importance of having your manufacturing partner involved early during the early stage of the product design process – ultimately saving time, cost and a whole load of hassle!

As part of our design for manufacture service we can recommend suitable thermoplastics, elastomers and options for additives specific to the qualities your product requires.
Our polymer experience ranges from the commodity to exotic materials, talk to us if you need guidance on material selection.

We are the UK’s plastic leaders in high-volume, close-tolerance injection moulding of both large and small custom plastic parts and products. We guarantee a high production output rate, low labour costs and a consistently precise tolerance.

3d printer services

3D Product Design

BSA offer a complete 3D design service – using our established product development processes we ensure best practice engineering techniques are incorporated into our design service