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We offer competitive, innovative plastic manufacturing solutions for customers of all sizes, as a company we are passionate about what we do and we proudly offer services from concept, product design, and tooling to production.

In-mould Decoration

BSA mouldings has lead the way in in-mould decoration, and we continue to develop and evolve this technical skill.

We produce a completed product, directly off the moulding machine, to your design requirements, with no post-moulding label application or printing. It is possible to place a label on both sides of the tool, and for instance, produce a visor with a scratch resistant coating on the outside and an anti-fog coating on the inside, without any need for additional process such as dip coating.

Key Injection Moulding Processes

When traditional finishing techniques are needed, such as self-adhesive labelling, silk-screen printing, tampo printing, or the application of hot-foil blocking, or ultrasonic welding.

BSA provides the capability and the expertise.

Some Injection Moulders
talk a different language

We’re not like that. We’re straight forward, honest and care about your product from the start. We’re quality focused, want to work with you and want to help create a product you are proud of.

Comprehensive range of injection moulding Romi Machines

We have used Romi-Sandretto injection moulding machines for over 20+ years, the main reason is the moulding machines are a pronominal workhorses which enables us to cover a wide portfolio of injection moulded parts for the plastics industry.

As we have a wide range of machines up to 1300 tonnes we can cater for any number of projects/applications that our customers ask us to mould, from products weighing 1 gram to 10Kg

Advantages of Injection Moulding

Fast production, Design flexibility, High-output production.

Plastic injection moulding is one of the most popular plastic producing processes in the world today, for long manufacturing runs. Just look around – you’re certain to see plenty of products that were likely made via the process.


Plastic injection moulding is such a precise method that it can fabricate nearly any type of plastic part. There are certain design restrictions, but the moulds that are made allow the finished product to be very precise.

Injection moulding equipment typically runs with a self-gating, automatic tool to keep operations streamlined and production ongoing, requiring minimal supervision.


With so much attention being paid to sustainability these days, it’s commonplace for product developers to choose processes that benefit the environment and minimize waste. Plastic injection moulding isn’t only an efficient, effective process, but it is also resourceful. That’s because a) only as much plastic as is necessary is used to create the part and b) excess plastic can be ground up and recycled after use.

Aside from being an accurate production process, plastic injection moulding is also a flexible one. By this we mean that it’s simple to change the type of material that is being produced as well as the colour that the product is being produced in.


The initial creation of a mould can be expensive, with the cost being a few thousand pounds or tens of thousands of pounds. But once the tool is created you can create a very large volume of plastic components, in fact millions.


Please have a look at our injection moulding process for more information on how to get started on your injection moulding project. Please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a quotation or any advice you require.

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