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Environmental Policy

Taking our responsibility seriously

BSA Mouldings is fully committed to a powerful Environmental Policy. Responsibility for our local and national environment reinforces our determination to achieve the lowest possible footprint. We are proud to be pioneers for processing recycled materials – such as HDPE milk containers, otherwise bound for landfill. A huge amount of research and development, in partnership with our customers, has been invested in the processing of such materials. Good for the planet, sound sense for our footprint, and great for our customers.


Health and Safety


Health & Safety ranks equally with all our business objectives and, as with quality, it’s a cultural component of our company. Our system is fully integrated with our management structure. A fully comprehensive H&S manual is provided to all staff, and is reviewed formally by senior management on an annual basis. In addition, a Risk Assessment manual is in place for all conceivable threats – and action has been taken on each of these to minimise risk to an unavoidable and acceptable level.