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BSA Mouldings has been working with PLASgran for 15yrs. PLASgran Limited is a leading plastic recycling company specialising in offering a customised waste recovery service to the industry, specifically tailored to meet your own requirements. Their aim is to make BSA Mouldings process simple, helping us save time and reduce inconvenience. The waste recovery service offered by PLASgran is second to none, offering top prices for unwanted materials and a service level unrivalled within the industry.

As the price of prime raw materials continues to rise many people are beginning to find alternatives. We have made many of our customers aware of the cost savings that can be made by adding a percentage of recycled material to their mix, or using 100% recycled materials. The cost savings can be huge… considering the cost based on similar grade, a regrind plastic will come in at less than half the price of new plastic, even fully recycled plastic whilst slightly more expensive than regrind will still be substantially cheaper than prime raw material. Savings made will naturally vary based on the type of plastic.  One alternative is HDPE. The HDPE we use is made mostly from thousands of recycled wheelie bins. BSA Mouldings uses 700,000kg of recycled HDPE and 10,000kg of recycled ABS per annum. By using recycled materials this keeps our customers cost down to a minimum.  BSA Mouldings offers this to our customers as it’s cheaper, more profitable for them and environmentally friendly.

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