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Rise of the Robots

Rise of robots

BSA have a wide range of projects in our portfolio but every-so-often we get a “fun” application.

We were approached by a customer to assist with reconfiguring parts on a robot vacuum cleaner to overcome some very specific end-user “opportunities for improvement”.

In this case a key customer of theirs needed the robot vacuum cleaner to cope with several very different types of floor obstacle.

Our design team worked with our customer to define the requirements. We produced the CAD to solve the problems and then BSA produced the tooling and parts to overcome them – helping our customer keep HIS customer happy.

robot injection mould

We are the UK’s plastic leaders in high-volume, close-tolerance injection moulding of both large and small custom plastic parts and products. We guarantee a high production output rate, low labour costs and a consistently precise tolerance.

3d printer services

3D Product Design

BSA offer a complete 3D design service – using our established product development processes we ensure best practice engineering techniques are incorporated into our design service

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We pride ourselves on our straight-forward, honest approach and genuine care for your product. Quality-focused and committed to collaboration, our goal is to help you create a product that meets your exact specifications and expectations. Visit us to see the high standard of our factory for yourself!